Tone Tellefsen-Hughes - Green Hub Founder

Tone Tellefsen-Hughes

Role in the Green Hub: Founder & Co-Chair

Tone is a specialist paediatric chiropractor who worked as an associate in several clinics before opening Luck’s Yard Clinic in Milford, Surrey in 2007. Her vision was always to create a multi-practitioner centre for complementary health care.

“I have specialised in paediatrics for most of my career and see children from new-born to 18 most days at the clinic. Pre-pandemic, I was regularly visiting school to do talks on health and wellbeing, and I noticed that teenagers were struggling more and more with emotional and wellbeing issues; so I started incorporating this into my lectures.

“In 2019, I had the opportunity to lease a secluded walled garden attached directly to Luck’s Yard Clinic. The garden was so magical that I just knew it could lend itself to a perfect community garden project for teens with issues around mental health and wellbeing. The Green Hub Teen Garden was born.”

Who knew this about Tone …?

“I’m passionate about wild swimming as it makes me feel so alive – whatever the weather (or temperature!)”

Vanessa Lanham-Day - Green Hub Advisory Committee

Vanessa Lanham-Day

Role in the Green Hub: Co-Chair

Vanessa is well known locally as a small business mentor and marketing specialist. Over the years she has accumulated a whole range of creative and business skills, which she is now deploying for the benefit of the Green Hub. Her specialist areas of responsibility are developing the Green Hub brand, fundraising and driving operational elements forward. 

“Growing any business (or charity) is all about harnessing momentum – never dropping the ball – and that can be a challenge when you are totally reliant on a volunteer force. Which is why I see my role as being to make sure we deliver the structure, systems and resources our team members need to fulfil their considerable potential.

“I’ve known Tone for years – she’s an amazing lady full of passion. I’m absolutely delighted to be sharing this journey with her.”

Who knew this about Vanessa …?

“I’m secretly rather proud of owning a clipboard and being known as ‘The ButtKicker!””

Anthea Cooke - Green Hub Steering Group

Anthea Cooke

Role in the Green Hub: Advisory Committee

Anthea is an independent Mental Health and Wellbeing Specialist with over 30 years’ experience. She has worked with health and mental health promotion and services in and with the NHS, Department of Health, Local Government; and in Community and Voluntary sectors, as well as internationally.

“I am also a Mum, Grandmother, Partner, Life Coach, tree hugger/conservationist, gardener, knitter, and love learning new skills.  I am now able to ‘give back’ some of my skills and time to local projects that inspire me such as the exiting aims of the Green Hub Project. I believe in investing now in young people on behalf of seven generations down the line!”

Who knew this about Anthea …?

“I was in the Girl Guides Jubilee Gang Show at Wembley Arena as a clown on stilts and dropped my trousers in front of Princess Margaret to show her my ‘spotty pantaloons’!”

Julie Davies - Green Hub Advisory Committee

Julie Davies

Role in the Green Hub: Advisory Committee

Julie is a solicitor (currently non-practicising) who specialised in accountants’ professional indemnity insurance in London.

“I was a Trustee of Home-Start in Waverley (part of the Home-Start UK network, the UK’s leading family support charity) for several years, where I was also a member of the Fundraising Committee and led the drafting of policies.

“For the last 3 years I have volunteered one day a week in the SEN department of my local secondary school as a Learning Support Assistant to help empower young people to engage with and start to take ownership of their learning whilst assisting in their pastoral development. I am passionate about working with these young people but Covid has brought this to a stop at present.

“Being involved with The Green Hub will bring together my interests in charity, educational, emotional and legal issues.”

Who knew this about Julie …?

“I can take disappointment as I once proposed to Bruce Springsteen!”

Birgitta Gatersleben - Green Hub Advisory Committee

Birgitta Gatersleben

Role in the Green Hub: Advisory Committee

Birgitta is a Professor in Environmental Psychology at the University of Surrey and studies the relationship between human wellbeing and the physical environment.

“In my work I am exposed to an ever-growing body of research evidence that shows how engaging with natural spaces such as gardens can benefit people’s physical and mental health.

“It is really exciting to be part of The Green Hub to help support the mental health of young people in this way in practice.”

Who knew this about Birgitta…?

“I am originally from The Netherlands and have lived in Surrey for 20 years. When I first arrived here I fell in love with the beautiful rolling hills of the Surrey countryside.“

Chiara Harker - Green Hub Steering Group

Chiara Harker

Role in the Green Hub: Advisory Committee

Chiara is both a life coach and looks after the finances for a small consultancy in Godalming.

“I’m Italian born and bred – so yes, of course, I make a mean tiramisù! – and I came to study Finance in the UK. I never left and now work in finance locally. Since the start of the pandemic I have been continually frightened by the effects it has had – and continues to have – on our mental health. Following the tragic passing of a beautiful teenage boy last year in our friendship circle and, just recently, the tragic death of yet another teenager locally, I decided I wanted to go out and help in any way I could.

“Because of the pandemic I was unable to train for the big national charities associated with mental health, and so I jumped at the opportunity to help with the implementation of The Green Hub, which is also very local to me.“

Who knew this about Chiara …?

“I’m a keen scuba diver, I once touched a reef shark’s tail in Cuba. Its skin was coarse like sandpaper!”

Chris Stone - Green Hub Advisory Committee

Chris Stone

Role in the Green Hub: Advisory Committee

Chris founded Bushy Business – a garden landscape and maintenance business based in Cranleigh – over 20 years ago and now, with a team of nearly 30, looks after gardens all over Surrey and Hampshire. He lives locally with his wife and two teenage sons.

“Being outdoors in the garden is one of the most powerful ways to invest yourself and it’s what I do every time I need to take time out to think and reflect.

“With two teenage boys of my own, I can see only too well how the pressures of the modern age put so much upon this generation and I hope my passion for gardens can help steer the Green Hub project in the right direction.”

Who knew this about Chris …?

“My VW camper van is my guilty pleasure – well, that and Liverpool FC!”

Melissa Tomlins - Green Hub Steering Group

Melissa Tomlins

Role in the Green Hub: Advisory Committee

Melissa has an MSc in Health Psychology and a background in Health Promotion. She has a particular interest in young people’s health and wellbeing having managed the Children’s Programmes for Comic Relief, World Cancer Research Fund UK and Youth Sport Trust. Currently she is training to become a medical herbalist.

“I’m a mum to three spirited children with two mischievous dogs, partner to a lovely man, renovator of our home and garden, and a perpetual yoga and pilates practitioner and I try to set aside time each day to do and look after what I love.

“I saw a post about the Green Hub and it ticked so many boxes that I care about, I was hooked. Initially, I joined as a spare pair of hands but am delighted to be able to contribute more as a member of the Steering Group.”

Who knew this about Melissa …?

“I was born and brought up in Hong Kong and Singapore.”

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