Promoting mental wellbeing in teenagers

Set in a tranquil, walled garden, the Green Hub is a local community project aimed at promoting the wellbeing of teenagers’ mental health through social and therapeutic horticulture.

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In partnership with parents, GPs, Schools and youth agencies locally, we enable teen referrals to enjoy nature, while gardening alongside and interacting with our skilled volunteers and other teenagers.

Our goal is to achieve positive, measurable outcomes for teens’ mental wellbeing, self-love, active lifestyles, social interaction and inclusion, as well as the development and application of a range of learned skills.

Additionally, the Green Hub also runs wellbeing-focused talks and workshops to empower teens and to support their parents, thereby enabling us to reach a wider audience.

Over time, our vision is to expand these opportunities to include younger teens, to provide a wider range of therapies and life-skills workshops, and to help set-up and mentor similar charities using the Green Hub model as a blueprint.

Kebur Community Garden – 2021!

We are so excited to have been awared the KEBUR local community garden prize of £2000. Listen to the moment our founder, Tone Tellefsen-Hughes, got the great news live on the BBC.

Listen to the BIG moment here>>

What people say about the Green Hub…

“Working in the garden is one o the best parts of the week. It’s such a calming and friendly place to just spend a few hours being in nature and forgetting about worries and stresses. The adult volunteers couldn’t be kinder and the garden is the perfect place to just take a moment and relax.”

Teen, Volunteer

Laurie Harvey - Green Hub Founding Volunteer

“The Green Hub Teen Garden is a calm, peaceful space and working in the garden is a lovely way to spend time”.

Laurie Harvey, Volunteer

“Struggling with mental health isn’t as bad as it could be when you have someone to talk to and are doing something constructive. Doing something like gardening really helps, especially because there are people who know how to help you.You’ll be surprised as to what you can achieve.”

Tom, Teen Volunteer

“I love coming to the garden as it is an amazing place to go and clear your head and have fun. Plus you get to meet new people which is always a bonus.”

Teen, Volunteer

“It’s a step away from everything outside of here. The quiet of the garden, the trees … it’s a peaceful haven.”

Angie Hemmings, Volunteer

“It’s very rewarding to be working in the Green Hub Teen Garden where you can enjoy nature and fresh air.”

Holly, Volunteer

Mireille Wildeman - Green Hub Founding Volunteer“The garden is such a great pace to come for fun, laughter and simply spending time together talking. Our Teen volunteers can really make their mark here too, working with a group of friends.”

Mireille Wildeman, Volunteer

Online help

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Harvest for Good Health

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