The Green Hub Project for Teens is an amazing walled gardening space in Milford. It’s for teens struggling with mental health and anxiety – there’s so many pressures for young people these days – and the garden is a perfect sanctuary.

We desperately need some garden and DIY volunteers to help us get the space ready to take teens, post lockdown. We have a plan. We have the materials. But we need some help. Your help.

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We are looking for some willing folk to donate just 3 hours of their time to help get the infrastructure up to standard. We have new sleeper beds to lay. A wall to fix. A pergola to build. A shed. A path and so on.

We have a professional garden landscaper heading the team, but we need some willing and semi-skilled bodies to assist! It’s not planting or mowing lawns, more like digging new beds and building things, so being good with tools – of the garden or DIY variety – is really what we need. That and some muscles to shift lots of heavy materials in and out of the garden.

So, if you are handy with a spade, or a saw – or both! – and you don’t mind a few hours manual labour (think of the exercise!) you’d be most welcome.

The details:

  • The garden is in Milford.
  • The 3 hour sessions (am & pm) are on Friday 11th & Saturday 12th June
  • Refreshments provided
  • Feel-good factor – GUARANTEED!

You only need to commit to half a day – but more would be fantastic!

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