Is your Teen struggling with stress, anxiety or overwhelm?

The Green Hub Project for Teens supports young people – aged 13-17 – who are struggling with mild to moderate stress and social anxieties. Things like bullying, on-line pressures, exam stress and so forth.

We really want to help teens find a safe and enjoyable space to step away from daily pressures, become part of a teen support network and enjoy healing time spent in nature. Our Green Hub Teen Garden is a calm, safe space for young people and is in Milford, near Godalming. Teens join for a 12 week programme, coming along for a 1.5 – 2 hour session once a week on a Saturday.

The Green Hub Project for Teens is funded by local government, charitable foundations and local businesses, so there is no cost for teens to become involved.

Simply share your details with me here and we will be in touch very soon to set up a chat with you. We want to understand what’s going on for you and your teenager and whether Green Hub might be able to make an important difference for them and for you.

For our website, with full details about the Green Hub Project for Teens, click here>>

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“My daughter was struggling with an eating disorder plus low mood, which stopped her being able to play sport and do PE at school. She is now starting to recover from the eating disorder – it’s slow progress but she is definitely eating more and has started to put on weight.”   Parent

“He has really enjoyed the Green Hub sessions and looked forward to each Saturday. When he came home, he seemed at peace, settled, content, happy and relaxed. He now appears to be in a much better place mentally, noted by his peers too. He’s calmer and emotionally much more stable.” Parent

“I have absolutely loved the sessions I have been able to attend. I wanted to thank you for the wonderful opportunity and let you know that it made a massive difference to my mental health. It was such a fantastic and enriching experience and it meant a lot to me.” Teen Volunteer

“Working in the garden is one of the best parts of the week – it’s such a calming and friendly place to just spend a few hours being in nature and forgetting about worries and stresses.” Teen volunteer

“I felt very stressed and anxious all the time and I just felt very low. It’s been nice to have some time to just sit and focus on something and it has given me the opportunity to forget about everything.” Teen Volunteer