We regularly ask our teen volunteers and their parents for feedback …

“Before I started volunteering, I felt very stressed and anxious all the time and I just felt very low. It’s been nice to have some time to just sit and focus on something and it has given me the opportunity to forget about everything – and I have made new friends. I love coming to the garden as it is an amazing place to go and clear your head and have fun. Plus you get to meet new people which is always a bonus.”   Teen Volunteer

“My daughter was struggling with an eating disorder plus low mood, which stopped her being able to play sport and do PE at school. Overall she became moody and withdrawn. She really enjoyed the Green Hub sessions and looked forward to going each week. She got on really well with the other teenagers and came out happy, which was really good to see. She is now starting to recover from the eating disorder – it’s slow progress but she is definitely eating more and has started to put on weight.”   Parent

“I was quite stressed about school and I now love coming back every week as I really look forward to seeing how everything has grown. I like being in a calm outdoor space away from daily stresses and being with really nice people. Working in the garden is one of the best parts of the week – it’s such a calming and friendly place to just spend a few hours being in nature and forgetting about worries and stresses. The adult volunteers couldn’t be kinder and the garden is the perfect place to just take a moment and relax.”   Teen Volunteer

“My son was struggling with controlling his emotions and would vary between anger and crying. He just kept telling us to just leave him alone. At times he would punch the punchbag strongly or just bounce angrily on the trampoline until he physically couldn’t bounce anymore.

“He has really enjoyed the Green Hub sessions and looked forward to each Saturday. When he came home, he seemed at peace, settled, content, happy and relaxed. He now appears to be in a much better place mentally, noted by his peers too. He’s calmer and emotionally much more stable. He is delighted to become a Teen Mentor and Teen Ambassador for Green Hub.  There’s nothing I would change about the process – it was brilliant.   Parent

“I have absolutely loved the sessions I have been able to attend. I wanted to thank you for the wonderful opportunity and let you know that it made a massive difference to my mental health. It was such a fantastic and enriching experience and it meant a lot to me.”   Teen Volunteer

“My daughter was anxious to begin with – it took time to get the confidence to get out of the car to the first session but, by the end of the session, she was so happy she’d joined, she told me that she’d spoken to more new people than she had done for ages. It has really helped with the transition from school to 6th form – in fact, she has gained so much confidence that she is now keen to find a job. As she now knows the benefits of the garden, as a safe, supportive and calm space, she is happy to come back to help Green Hub as a Teen Ambassador and Mentor. It has made such a difference to her – I could not have asked for more.”   Parent