Learning made easier, faster… and better!

Following up on last weekend’s excellent workshop:

Relaxation during exams

  • It’s is about RETAIN  and  RECALL , they are skills anyone can learn. 
  • Struggling to get down to work is not about  laziness,  or procrastination it’s about STRESS. If you are blocked then don’t fight through it, distress
  • Try :
    • 7-11 breathing 
    • Clench/unclench very slowly
    • Exercise,  run round,  star jumps etc 
    • Go for a short walk. 

Some MP3 Downloads to help you relax …

7-11 Breathing


  • No one way to revise , it’s whatever works for you. Whatever helps the information to go into your head
  • Record important facts rather than read 
  • Move while learning 
  • Be comfortable
  • Dance /listening to music 

Increase productivity 

  • Smaller sessions 20 mins max
  • Break it down into small tasks
  • Do the thing you hate first (eat a frog for breakfast)
  • Don’t frighten your brain , short , simple and easily achievable . One small thing at a time. 
  • Positive language at all times even if you don’t believe it ….yet

Please feel free to contact Lesley if you have any questions: https://www.lesleymccall.co.uk/