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Including apps recommended by NHS Surrey and Borders Partnership

Mobile apps are a great way to get teenagers to work on their issues in an accessible way – and there is an amazing selection on offer dealing with every aspect of anxiety and stress.

Here is a selection that we have found that we think you’ll find super valuable – we’ve given websites where we think it’s relevant – just click on the images.

Calm Harm

Helps deter you from the urge to self-harm. Helps to comfort and distract you, express yourself, release tension and provides breathing exercises.


Inspiring quotes, meditations, gratitude journals and more, to help you resist negativity and become more resilient.


Mood tracking app helping you to better understand your triggers and collect your thoughts.


Focuses on mindfulness for different situations e.g. sleep, stress, work, eating, and relationships.


Helps you learn how to relax, develop more helpful ways of thinking, and identify active steps that will help you take charge of your anxiety.

Self-help for anxiety management (SAM)

Helps you to understand the causes of your anxiety and how to manage it.

What’s Up?

Self-help for depression, anxiety, anger and stress. Includes grounding techniques, breathing exercises, diaries and positive affirmations.

ReachOut WorryTime

Helps you to set out specific time to deal with worries so that you can get on with the rest of your day.

Stay Alive

Provides resources to help you stay safe if you are having thoughts of suicide.


A free online app offering advice, counselling and wellbeing support to 10-18 year olds. It includes magazine articles written by young people your own journal and goals pages, discussion boards, chat and messenger services when you want some online counselling, advice and wellbeing support.


The free online version of Kooth but for those 18 years and up covering a range of different topics and issues.